String Quartet

. A string quartet is the ideal ensemble to create a classical ambiance for your special event. It has the fullest sound, consisting of two violins, a viola and a cello.. String quartet setting is strongly suggested for bigger ( if you have more than 100 guests) and outdoor ceremonies. The selection of music is wide and easily available.

String Trio 

As the name suggest, a string trio comprises of three instruments. There are three different combinations:

  1. Violin, viola and cello
  2. Two violins and a cello
  3. Two violins and a viola

String Duet

A string duet is intimate in setting and has the lowest cost option. A combination of String duet could be violin&violin, violin&viola or violin&cello. Usually we suggest a violin and a cello for this ensemble as it is more balanced, but we will be happy to provide any combination of your choice.